Cloud connected security cameras are more secure!

When it comes to your video security system you do not want to have even one point of exploitation or failure. One disadvantage to a traditional DVR (digital video recorder) video surveillance system is that all your video evidence rests in a hard drive on premises. If a would be criminal was aware he/she is being recorded no doubt the very first thing he’d do is locate the video recorder and destroy all video evidence. All the criminal has to do is take the DVR’s hard drive out or simply just steal the entire unit.

When you have your security cameras hooked up to our cloud system this type weakness gets minimized. The cameras continue to stream to our cloud servers and all data is not accessible by the criminal. By the time the criminal gets around to disconnecting cameras or taking out the internet access it’s too late because all the video data is stored safely in the cloud.

Advantages of a cloud video surveillance system

  • Fewer points of failure (example being criminal can’t steal your video recorder box and destroy all past and present evidence)
  • Ability to monitor your video surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world
  • You can add an unlimited number of cameras to the system without having to upgrade your DVR hardware as you would in a traditional system (ie there is a limit to the number of cameras a DVR can support before you have to upgrade and pay for new hardware)
  • Delegate management to third party such as a security guard or security company
  • Ability to monitor your security cameras via smart phone apps or via a web based command center

Pricing information:

Surveillance PackagePrice per camera
4 Hour Cloud Storage – Two Hours of Live Viewing$5.50
7 Day Cloud Storage – Unlimited Live Viewing$13.50
14 Day Cloud Storage – Unlimited Live Viewing$23.50
30 Day Cloud Storage – Unlimited Live Viewing$32.50
60 Day Cloud Storage – Unlimited Live Viewing$51.50
90 Day Cloud Storage – Unlimited Live Viewing$67.60

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