Having reliable and high speed Wi-Fi has become a necessity!

We are wi-fi experts. You can rely on us to plan, implement, and manage complex wi-fi setups. We use only the best wi-fi gear in the industry. Our managed Wi-Fi solution is in our opinion a good solution to go with if you don’t want to deal with the headaches of ensuring reliable wi-fi for your company. Wi-Fi can be notiriously finicky and unreliable if you just set it and forget it. Relying on a small consumer grade wi-fi router is not smart because you will eventually run into slow speeds or wi-fi congestion issues – or worse, it just dies!

We use only the best Wi-Fi gear

We want only the best for our clients and thus we always recommend only the best. We’ve come to trust brands such as:

  • Ubiquity Uni-Fi
  • CommScope Ruckus
  • Aruba Networks

Managed Wi-Fi is the way to go for a hassle free experience

The way our managed Wi-Fi program works is pretty simple. We build the Wi-Fi network for you with our recommended wireless hotspot gear and we then hook them up to our cloud management platforms. Regardless of the Wi-Fi networking brand you go with you’ll get the same high quality remote management. We keep an eye on the performance of the gear remotely and fix any issues that arise such a wi-fi congestion, dropped connections, or basically any problems that are not caused by the wi-fi client devices themselves (ie phone, laptop, etc.) If we determine the issue is with a client device that is a permanent part of your organization (ie not just a guest) then we’ll help with troubleshooting. We take a pro-active approach so we constantly fine tune the wi-fi network to ensure optimal and reliable performance.

We’re excited to also let you know that we now offer a lease program. We offer two ways of getting setup with managed wi-fi

  1. You buy and own the wi-fi gear  but we manage it for you
  2. You can lease the gear from us and we include the lease cost in the management fee

Whichever option you go with is up to you, but either way you’ll get the same level of support.

Lease prices vary depending on the wi-fi gear brand you go with, but to give you an example if you have a small office with need for just one wi-fi access point we normally recommend a Unifi branded access point that we lease out for $15/month. The wi-fi management fee is usually $25 a month for the simplest of setups.

If you’re interested in our Managed Wi-Fi solution or have any other questions please give us a shout today!

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